Do you need branding? What is it anyway?

What is branding, it’s how a customer recognises your company, all its values, traits, and interactions that shape their experience. It’s how they think about your company; this can be positive or negative and influenced by these eight factors.

Brand Voice – The Personality and language of your company, this could be down to earth, practical, conversational, dramatic, aspirational serious or funny.

Brand Promise – We make promises to our customers that our product or service will solve their problems, we build a sense of trust and hope this is what we want to be known for.

Brand Difference – What makes your company different from its competitors? What is your USP (Unique Selling Point), how can you go further and make your customers experience unique and more memorable? Businesses need a strong selling point to lure customers away from their competitors. But today’s customers want more than just benefits and features they want meaning, as Marty Neumeier says in his book The Brand Gap “Customers don’t buy brands. They join brands.”

Branding Design for Redfrog Financial

Brand Positioning – Who is your target audience, parents, children, retirees, athletes, DIYers, technophiles, busy professionals, social influencers? We buy into brands as tribes, so what does your tribe need?

Brand Consistency – Just like a person, a brand has many layers that evolve with time, when designing a brand, you must keep your message consistent with the stories you tell and the promises you make.

Brand Story – Who are you? Why did you get into the business? What marketplace gaps in-spired you to provide better solutions? What made your business what it is today? What do you stand for? Your brand story can influence much of your marketing, and customers do buy into a good brand story. You can read more about this in Donald Miller’s “Building A Story Brand“.

Brand Perception – Customers form expectations and opinions based on how you present yourself as a business, this is known as brand perception, and it can be good or bad. To grow your business, make sure customer perceptions align with your branding message.

Brand Ambassadors – People outside the company who choose to promote your brand.

Are you remembered for your strong brand message, or quickly forgotten?

A client came to me because even though they were a large local company with excellent staff packages, they were still finding it very difficult to fill their job vacancies. We realised that they couldn’t compete with their competition, which had a much better recognisable brand. They had a very outdated brand, which was quickly forgotten and didn’t give any potential employees confidence or reassurance that they would be a great employer.

After I redesigned their Logo, Branding and Website, they were able to compete with their competitors and attract more valuable employees.

Read more in How to Build a Brand Coming Soon.

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Branding Design for The Augmentas Group

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