Design Testimonials

David Stephens – Digi Toolbox
Testimonial - Dave Stephens - Digi Toolbox

“Design testimonial for Clarke Creative Marketing, Digi Toolbox have used Clarke Creative for several projects over the last 12 months. These projects have focussed around helping our clients rebrand and create new logos. Without exception, every client was over joyed with the results and many claiming their work had totally changed their business and in turn would recommend Clarke Creative to anyone looking to refresh their company image, look and feel. The team at Clarke Creative are masters of the branding process, from initial hand sketched ideas to a range of options for the client to choose from – the process is engaging and the clients are fully absorbed into the creative nature of the project.

It is true that you can go online and get a logo for under £100 but these will be generic and add very little to the image of the company. What Clarke Creative offer provides insight and is a true work of art! The logo’s and branding are not just pretty images, their work goes far deeper than this. Every logo has built into its DNA colours, themes and images that say something about the brand whilst adding to the company persona. We have and will always use Clarke Creative for our client’s logo, design and branding needs and will recommend them whenever possible David Stephens Managing Director – Digi Toolbox“.

Kevin Jones – HSE National Limited
Testimonial - Kevin Jones

“I contacted Clarke Creative on Thursday last week and requested that he redesigned my Business Card for HSE National Limited. Within a couple of hours they sent me a proof and suggested a couple of changes – i accepted the changes and Clarke Creative sent the final approved design to Afford a Print. Nigel contacted me within the hour to confirm the weight and style of card that i wanted for HSE National Limited. The cards arrived today (2 1/2 working days after first agreeing the design etc. Nigel even emailed me to say the DPD delivery would be between 1439 and 1539 hours. I also had a follow up email after the delivery to make sure that the business cards were what i wanted. The standard of service was exceptional from both these professional Business Men. I will be singing their virtues everywhere that i go. Kind Regards Kevin”.

David Elliott – Seahawk Consultancy Ltd
Testimonial - Dave Elliott

“After my first meeting with Clarke Creative we exchanged some excellent ideas to mutually benefit our respective businesses. As I have got to know them I can confirm there likeability, professionalism and trustworthy character Clarke Creative agreed to help rebrand my business as my reputation and brand matures. I am extremely pleased with the results so far. By getting to know Clarke Creative and for the work they have drafted so far it is obvious that they have a huge passion for what they do. There talent for Graphic Design is enhanced with there ability to listen to the client and understand what they stand for. Clarke Creative has been able to articulate my vision and the passion I have for my business. I have no hesitation in recommending Clarke Creative for there creative services and I personally look forward to putting more business there way. Thank You”

Johanna Hooper – Limitless Performance

“It is my great pleasure to provide you with this testimonial for the marketing services you provided me last month. As a performance coach, I use maps, models and metaphors to help my clients understand what is going on for them and encourage them to do things differently. Rather than (badly) drawing out those maps and models, you have provided me with some very professional looking postcards that I am already handing out like sweets to current and prospective customers alike! The turnaround of the design was extremely quick and very reasonably priced! You also provided some insights about my current logo and its relative merits that were extremely helpful. Thanks for helping me look much more professional!”

Julie Brealey – Type Like the Wind

“I would like to thank you for all your hard work you have done over the years, initially back in 2017, when you helped me rebrand my business making it more professional. I don’t have a creative bone in my body and had absolutely no idea where to start, so I let you loose on the design with the instructions of, “It must be simple, clever and brightly coloured.” You did not disappoint and gave me a rebrand to be proud of. And now you’ve it again! Having seen your recent design of Abbotstone’s Christmas cards, you surpassed my expectations in designing my new Christmas cards with just the right amount of bling. It’s reassuring to know that I always get a first-class service in a timely manner and for a very reasonable cost. I would not hesitate to recommend Clarke Creative, and thank you for your splendiferous creativeness! Kind regards. Yours sincerely Julie Brealey”

Michelle Eames – TaxSense Accountants t/a Helpbox

“Dear Clarke Creative Just a few words to thank you for your work on our logo and designs. We thought our artwork was fairly decent until we had it redesigned by you. You have such a good eye for detail and design and we have had so many compliments about it since. We definitely feel it has lifted our image and relays the message about who we are. the work you did was excellent and also quick and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you. kind regards Michelle Eames Helpbox Accountants”.

Testimonial - Ben

“I worked with Clarke Creative on the logo and branding of my balloon installation start-up business. I believe all good marketing should be customer focused and from our first conversation, Clarke Creative helped me define and refine both my market and the specific customers I’m focusing on. There questions and comments really help drill down into the details of what I was trying to achieve with the branding. They then came up with a number of great logo designs, took on board my thoughts on them and then created a logo that expressed perfectly what I’m trying to achieve with my business.

“Thank you, Clarke Creative, for an amazing job not only in the design but helping me to focus my marketing on the right things. I highly recommend there services.”

Testimonial - Naomi

“I recently purchased a logo design from an online agency but I was not fully satisfied with the quality. I telephoned Clarke Creative one afternoon to ask for there advice and for help with enhancing the quality of the logo and to ask for advice on a colour scheme.

“Clarke Creative took the time to provide two versions of the logo and a colour palette – and did all of that in a couple of hours at very short notice. I highly recommend Clarke Creative as a company that goes the extra mile and places priority on there service for even the smallest of jobs. An all-around pleasant experience.”

Testimonial - Nigel Williams

“Thank you for your great design work on our client’s business card design. You provided a very quick response to our needs from quote to finished artwork. The finished work you produced exceeded our expectations in quality and price and our client was very happy with the results.

“We are very much looking forward to working with you on future projects and we are also very happy to recommend your services to others.”


“I worked with Clarke Creative in creating TYSOM as a brand prior to the launch of my start-up. they have also designed flyers, social media graphics and banner stands for us.

“Clarke creative’s work is of the highest quality and they are extremely easy to work with and will challenge you to get the best results for your business. I can’t recommend Clarke Creative highly enough, there work is BIG AGENCY quality at a fraction of the cost. I look forward to working with them for many years to come.”


“I needed a new brand and logo that would capture everything I am doing now and what I plan to do in the medium term. Clarke Creative came to my house and made a few notes, whilst we talked through my plans. I was genuinely astounded by how quickly they understood me and what I am trying to do. Clarke Creative provided me with six beautiful draft logos with a range of colour palettes. Each one captured what I wanted it to, but in slightly different ways.

“After choosing my logo, they designed my business cards and letterhead. I was so impressed with there creativity and design skills, that I also asked them to design two different flyers for me. I had an idea of how I wanted them but was stunned by how incredible Clarke Creative has made them look.

“Clarke Creative are an exceptionally talented graphic designer company and I strongly recommend using there services. They will take the time to understand what you need, deliver on this and provide excellent client service.”

Testimonial - Matt Reid

“Clarke Creative are absolute legends. They designed my logo, business cards and letterheads for a very good price. I have had many people say how good my new logo looks. I have now got him to design my new website and that is going well.

“I will be asking Clarke Creative to use there creative brain in the future to design a brochure that I will then give to all my customers. Even though M.R. Construction is very professional, Clarke Creative’s excellent work has made that even more so.”

Testimonial - Michelle Dumas

“We received excellent communication from Clarke Creative throughout the design process, they were very quick to respond to queries and any amendments that needed to be made. We were very pleased with the service we had and would recommend them to other people looking for a graphic design company.”


“When I first chatted to Clarke Creative I was struggling with how to make my business stand out, and in how to transform my ideas into reality. I wanted to be bold and different but was afraid of looking cluttered or putting potential customers off. We’re in financial services so not the easiest of businesses to make look approachable or to find suitable images to explain what we do and how.

“During a half-hour chat with Clarke Creative about my vision for the future, how I wanted my clients to feel, the sort of thing I provide and how. I had half an idea of colour and wanted guidance on how to look slick, professional and the sort of company that looks a bit different.

“Very quickly after this chat, Clarke Creative sent through extremely competitive pricing along with the first draft of a marketing flyer. It was brilliant, just the sort of thing I had in my head but just couldn’t get down on paper. It’s really simple yet engages with the reader. From here we’ve commissioned Clarke Creative to do business cards, an advert and a full website design. First-rate design with the perfect understanding of what I wanted, can I say more…”

Testimonial - Lisa Preston

“Clarke Creative are an experienced and fabulous graphic design company. They are professional and easy to work with, they know there stuff and have a creative flair that comes across in everything that they do. Clarke Creative understand your brief and get on with the design in a way that fills you with confidence and if you don’t have an idea yet what you want, he guides you and just knows what will work. I thoroughly recommend Clarke Creative for graphic design and also websites.”


“We asked Clarke Creative to help us revamp our website. Clarke Creative have a lot of experience and they are not afraid to be candid about areas that require improvement. They gave us great advice and was endlessly patient with the multiple changes. They delivered a good service, on time and at a good price”

Testimonial - Xan Philips

“Calm and assured, along with attention to detail is what you can expect from Clarke Creative. It was good fun working with Clarke Creative, the results were exactly what we asked for and he made completing our task much simpler.”


“I think I gave away just how happy I am with the recent work you did on my business logo and business card design, but for anyone that didn’t see my face and hasn’t had the designs waved around in front of them I wanted to try and put it in words. Two words spring to mind, BLOOMIN MARVELOUS….

“Having spent longer than I wanted with a just-get-it-out-there design, and accumulating pages of sketches, snippets and photos of ideas I hogged the problem for too long and was about to give up. I’m used to distributing work as part of my job, but generating ‘my’ logo was personal and you got it.

“Thank you for taking the time to look at where I’ve been, really listen to the story I wanted to tell, and bounce ideas over to see what I thought, and then, Bingo!’ There it was, perfect, and it only took nearly four years for me to find.

“It would have taken years more to get anywhere close to where you got me to, so I am a very happy customer indeed and have no reservation recommending you to anyone in need of a bit of ‘Clarke Creative’ genius. Thank you!”


“I asked Clarke Creative to design a new logo, business card and letterhead for my new business. I initially gave tham a few ideas, but what he designed for me, was outstanding and far exceeded my expectations.

“Andy emailed me various ideas and once we narrowed down the actual logo, font and colour, he had proofs to me via email in hours. Clarke Creative’s design of the business cards and letterhead, in my opinion, is spectacular and I am already receiving amazing feedback from my clients on the design, giving me a great advantage over my competitors.

“I would not hesitate in recommending Clarke Creative for there outstanding logo design and a fast efficient service. Thank you, for making me a very happy client.”


“We have worked with Clarke Creative for a number of years and his help and expertise with all our design needs has been excellent. The help with branding and advice with moving our website forward has boosted company recognition and online presence to a great extent.”


“We recently appointed Clarke Creative to create a digital newsletter that we can send to our clients and distribute throughout our industry. Along with the newsletter, Clarke Creative re-designed our business cards, letterhead and logo giving our company a fresh modern look. We are extremely happy with what Clarke Creative has produced and there work has attracted extremely positive feedback. We are looking forward to working with Clarke Creative more.”

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