A great logo is the face of your company

Many companies think their logo is their branding, but even though it is a crucial element, it is only one small part of a brand experience. But a great logo is the face of your company and positions your business in a consumer landscape that is increasingly visual. It has the power to create instant recognition among your target audience, allow you to stand out amongst your competitors, and at a glance, it can remind potential customers of your company and products. Still, more importantly, it can stir up emotional responses, expectations, and create tribes of loyal followers and help strengthen your company’s credibility.

Logo Design
Logo Design

How long does it take to design a logo?

1. Design brief = 1+ hour
2. Project proposal = 30 minutes
3. Research, Competitors, target audience = 2+ hours
4. Inspiration mood board, scribbles, concepts = 4+ hours
5. Sleep on it
6. Computer Renditions of concepts chosen = 4+ hours
7. Refine = 2+ hours
8. Typography style = 1+ hour
9. Colours pallets = 1+ hour
10. Client Presentation = 30 minutes
11. Logo Edits = 30+ minutes
12. Final Presentation
13. Create file formats = 30 minutes
14. Celebrate

Total Hours Spent = 17+ hours

You always get what you pay for, especially when it comes to logo design, a client recently asked me if his logo needed updating, he had initially purchased it from an online store for £50. On the way to our meeting, I took five images of companies with very similar logos; when I showed him, he soon realised that all his competitors had just gone to the same online store. After a redesign, his logo was more relevant to his business and clients, bespoke, and easily recognisable. He later told me that the logo had helped bring in considerably more work.

Logo Design

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