start your own business

Starting your own business

What a year it has been, Corona Virus and Brexit apart, the UK was already heading into a major recession, this has led to many companies struggling to survive, having to find new ways of working and sadly many people being made redundant as we adjust to the new normal.

But could this be an opportunity to put that business concept you have been thinking about into action? 

Starting a new business though can still be a daunting prospect, especially when budgets are so tight, maybe the risk is just too high!

I know how difficult this decision can be, in 2013, I found myself having to make the same difficult decision, should I get another job or believe in myself and start my own business?

Luckily I was encouraged by those close to me to take the risk, and I have never looked back. It has not been the easiest of journeys, and sometimes I have felt like giving up, but I would do it all over, as the benefits by far have been greater than the cons.

So how could I help others in the same situation? After many discussions with Digi Toolbox, we have created, the Total Business Start-Up Package. This package provides all the major essentials a start-up business needs, hassle-free, reducing the risks and keeping your budget in mind.

Our designers, marketers, IT engineers and specialist work as your startup team so you can focus on sales, clients and building your new venture. 

This package includes: 

  • Logo and brand guidelines
  • Website design, build and hosting
  • Social Media set up
  • Email and Microsoft
  • Business phone system

Plus two bonus online business guides:

The Ultimate Startup marketing guide (2020 Edition) and Social Media Guide for Startups and SME’s(2020 edition)

As well as a cash flow tracker and business plan template.

If this is something you might be interested please get in touch for a free consultation