16 branding elements that are key to your success

Here is a list of 16 branding elements – they are very much like all the elements of a recipe, all necessary and if used in the right way and the correct order, can help grow your business, sell your products and increase profits, they include:

  • Logo/wordmark
  • Business Cards / Stationery
  • All other printed materials, including Brand Guidelines, Brochures, Flyers, Exhibition Stands Etc.
  • Networking (how you’re perceived)
  • Social media
  • The tone of voice (how you communicate)
  • Your Story (why you started your business, what your values are and what you stand for)
  • Image styles and application
  • Colours
  • Typefaces and their use
  • Website, look and feel, navigation, speed, content, SEO, usage.
  • Packaging
  • Clothing
  • PR
  • PPC
  • Signage

Branding is all these strategic elements that give your product or service meaning and show your customers what to expect when they use your company.

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